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About our PPG

This is a small Patient Group which has been running at the Dolphins Practice for many years.

It is a group run by volunteers (Patients of the Practice) who are keen to make a difference to the Patients that they represent and the Practice.

They meet on a monthly basis with a doctor in attendance and the Management Team to discuss all the current issues that the Practice and Patients are facing, awareness is raised of the activities of the Practice, in addition to relaying information back to the Practice.

They run educational events where consultants and speakers are invited to talk about issues relating to health and Health promotion events are organised.

They aim to produce a quarterly newsletter for patients called Healthwise that is delivered to patients in Haywards Heath and is available from the Practice, or read our news on this website:

If you are interested in joining our group please email [email protected] or complete our online form on the Join our PPG page here.