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Repeat prescriptions

Prescription update

We will not accept early prescription requests and any early requests will not be processed. We are sticking to our current policy which is 2 weeks before the medication is due. 

Please nominate a chemist so we can send it straight there to avoid coming to the practice.

Please use the practice letterbox for dropping off a prescription.

All appointments will be converted to telephone or postponed if they are non urgent.

For help with prescription delivery in West Sussex call 0330 222 7980 or click here for more information

Requesting a repeat prescription

When requesting a repeat prescription, please use the repeat prescription form provided with your last prescription. Please clearly indicate those items that you need. For reasons of safety and confidentiality, we do not accept telephone requests for repeat prescription, only for housebound patients and carers.

You can request a repeat prescription by:-

Repeat prescriptions can take up to 48 hours to process so please be patient and remember to hand in your request at least a week before you need your medication renewed.

Medication that is not a repeat takes up to 72 hours to process.

Collecting repeat prescriptions

We deal with many hundreds of repeat prescription requests each week and each prescription needs to be carefully checked and printed before it can be signed. Please allow at least two full working days for your prescription to be ready. We are happy for you to request your prescription a week or two in advance if needed. If you are posting the request to us, please allow extra time for the post to be delivered. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope and we will post your prescription to you.

We have set up a prescription collection service with various pharmacists working with the Practice. Please let reception know when you send in your prescription if you would like us to arrange for it to go to the Pharmacy for dispensing and collection there. Please be aware that three working days are required for the prescription to be issued, sent to the pharmacy and dispensed.

Medication reviews

Each repeat prescription item has a review date. This will be decided by your doctor when the prescription is first prescribed and will be reviewed by them on a regular basis. If you have passed your review date, no further prescriptions will be issued until you have reviewed the medication with your doctor or one of the nurses. It is important to review your medication to check whether the medication is still needed and whether it is working as it should. We will also check that you are not having side effects, arrange any tests that need to be done to monitor the effects and check that nothing better could be used. Your medication should be reviewed at least once a year and more frequently for some medication.

NHS prescription charges

Please click here to go to the NHS website for information on prescriptions and exemptions

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 18th December, 2020